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We have been here for you since 1990s

In-house software development (1990–1992)
The development platform was Turbo Pascal – this is the origin of “Turbo” in the name of our company. At that time, our company’s core products were Friendly Pascal® add-on libraries. We sold several thousand licences and influenced an entire generation of Czech and Slovak programmers.

Tailored development (1993–1998)
The beginning of this stage in our company’s history is marked by collaboration with Agrobanka Praha a.s., for which we helped develop its proprietary retail system, AGB3, which successfully stayed in operation until the end of the 1990s. Our collaboration with Agrobanka continued also after the bank was taken over by a foreign owner, which makes the current GE Money Bank our oldest customer.

In 1994, we started our collaboration with AR stavební spořitelna (currently Raiffeisen stavební spořitelna) developing an operating information system for building savings banks called ARIS. We also developed a similar system called PEFIS for Všeobecný vzájemný penzijní fond. A client/server architecture, which was the development standard in late 1990s, was used for the development of these products.

Repeated implementation of existing solutions (1999–2002)
This stage was initiated by the decision of Raiffeisen, an Austrian finance group, to use ARIS for its newly established building savings bank in Croatia. Subsequently, we signed a contract for delivery of ARIS to another newly established building savings bank – ČSOB stavebná sporiteľňa in Slovakia. We also acquired a pension fund as a new customer, however, we did not succeed to retain this customer during the consolidation of this market segment.

CIBIS project (2003–2006)
CClose collaboration with two building savings banks belonging to the Raiffeisen group developed into a joint project with participation of the group’s mother company, Raiffeisen Bausparkassen Holding (RBH). The objective of the project was to develop individual customer installations of the original ARIS system into a consolidated multi-user system called CIBIS, which would be used by the Raiffeisen group for its future projects abroad and which would, at the same time, be also available as a solution for third parties. Significant resources were invested in the development of CIBIS during this project and major improvements of the system’s quality were achieved. For TurboConsult, participation in the project provided also valuable experience and significantly strengthened our international competitiveness.

Development of own products (2007 – current)
The current stage of the company’s development is marked by the use of experience collected by TurboConsult over more than twenty years of its history for development of own in-house products. The systems are developed to allow multiple implementations and their main attributes include modular architecture, extensive parameterization options and language agnosticity.