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Operation support services

The purpose of the service is to create conditions for the customer’s seamless and trouble-free use of the product.

It is anticipated that the customer takes care of the product operations (triggering of the individual actions, definition of access rights, etc.) including the first level support covering the basic level of IT service support for its employees and clients (e.g. through a call-centre).

Support provided by the contractor is structured as part of the problem management process, or change management based on the ITIL specifications by the customer and it includes:

Flexible consultancy related to the use of the system; it can be provided immediately without a specialized deeper analysis (hot-line).

Removal of product’s defects covered by the warranty within guaranteed deadlines according to severity.

Consultancy services for resolving more complex issues relating to the use of the product.

The aim of technical support is to make sure that the product is adapted to the customer’s changing business or operations conditions. Technical support is provided based on the customer’s change requests. Responding to these requirements the contractor prepares an analytical draft solution and once the draft is approved by the customer, the contractor produces a change patch implementing the required modification on the product functionality.