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Policy management system

Vision philosophy of the organization TurboConsult Ltd. in management services providing information security is projected to do received an approved Policy management system that meets the requirements of the organization. According to the organization's long-term strategy is the introduction of improved system management is maintained according to the requirements of ISO / IEC 27001 and ISO / IEC 20000-1.

Management organization TurboConsult Ltd. agrees that:

  • Permanently will create conditions to set targets for the provision of all resources necessary to implement, maintain continuous improvement management system for the entire organization TurboConsult Ltd. .;
  • Will provide quality products and services conform to the requirements of customers;
  • There will be a policy based on the principles of confidentiality, availability completeness of information for all applicable legal requirements, normative regulations of stakeholders;
  • It will reduce the security risks of its assets INFORMATION;
  • Will regularly review the objectives of target values based on the improvement plan, risk analysis, this policy;
  • Will systematic enforcement PROGRAM raising the legal awareness of its employees maintain a high level of information security oforganization TurboConsult Ltd. .;
  • Will convincing fixed by applying the principles of information security towards the contractors to third parties to present professional approach based organization TurboConsult Ltd. On the market today;
  • It will increase continuously improve the effectiveness of the services management system, build long-term relationships with its customers;
  • Will a management system to provide customers with contractors beer and its employees the necessary degree of certainty when managing their information data.

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