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Sign+ Document management system with biometric signatures

Sign+ is a complete service which enables the management of documents (sets of documents), their distribution between co-working organisations and also adding of a biometric signature into selected electronic documents.

The service is designed for an online using via WWW interface and it is possible to use only a tablet with a signature pen for biometric signing (that means it is a „one device solution“). Sign+ enables an essential quickening and increasing of the efficiency of a document management and their signing by a target client. This is possible mainly due to the fact that all documents are managed, sent and signed strictly in an electronic form.

This way of using the service also enables a detailed monitoring of the processing of individual documents and securing of data saved in them (especially in comparison with usually used paper form).  Also the speed of the providing of this service (in days) and low acquisition costs are significant advantages of this service.




Environment friendly approach
Environment friendly approach
Costs and time saving
Costs and time saving
Operational safety
Operational safety
Easy integration
Easy integration
SaaS based system
SaaS based system


  • Cost savings of up to 85%
  • Shortening of time for business process
  • Low operating costs
  • Support for business networks within business processes
  • Increase data security in both ways, documents and processes
  • Careful handling of natural resources
  • Simplifying the administrative process of signing documents
  • Quick and easy integration eith systems and business processes
  • Monitoring documents and their edits
  • The system is provided as a service


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Download a flyer describing the Sign+.