Implementation of the system

For all of its products ensures TurboConsult creation and delivery of customer-specific versions of the appropriate business and technical conditions of the customer.

The implementation project includes all necessary phases from analysis of the customer's needs, customizing the supplied product and its installation into the target environment, training of customer staff associated with the overall verification of the final solution. An integral part is also cooperation with the supplier of the specification and the creation of the technical environment for the installation and operation of the product in the customer's environment.

On the basis of fulfillment of previously agreed acceptance criteria stated by the supplier to undertake to guarantee the product and the customer takes the product for further use for custom created TurboConsult solution provides a full range of related services including warranty and service support, maintenance and further development.

Operational support and maintenance

The purpose of the service is to provide customers the conditions for continued use of the product.

It is believed that the customer operates product incl. Services "1st level support" a basic level of IT support for their employees and clients. The support provided by the supplier is part of the process "Problem Management", respectively. "Change management", according to ITIL standards on the part of the customer and includes:


  • providing operational consultations connected with the use of the system, which can provide immediately, without specialized deeper analysis (hot-line),

  • removing defects warranty product guaranteed deadlines according to the severity categories,

  • consulting services for solving complex problems associated with the use of the product.


The aim is to adapt a commercial product or operating conditions of customers. Maintenance is carried out according to customer requirements, for which the contractor will propose solutions and approval by the customer creates Amending patch realizing the desired alignment.

Customized development

To their supply offers TurboConsult ensure the operation of the product technical infrastructure necessary for the operation of the delivered systems.

TurboConsult provide for the design, procurement and installation of necessary technical equipment in
a secure location, and then manages these resources for the needs of the customer (administration, backups, etc).


The Customer provides its own capacities operation of the system (running various operating actions, the definition of access privileges, etc.) Including services "First Level Support" including basic level of IT support services for their employees and clients (eg. In the form of call-center).


If the "First Level Support" can not solve the problem, this is passed (via ServiceDesk) into the next level of support already covered by the supplier.

Operational outsourcing

In the case of non-standard customer requirements TurboConsult is ready to create application software to measure directly. In this case TurboConsult ensure coverage of the entire process of software development comprising:


  • capturing and classification of customer requirements,

  • processing of the analysis of the problem, including the creation of models and prototypes for approval of the proposal by the contracting authority,

  • technical implementation of the final solution using appropriate technology,

  • documenting and testing created system and its delivery to the customer


Also for custom- created TurboConsult solution provides a full range of related services including warranty and service support, maintenance and further development.